International Photography Festival

the premier photography festival in the middle-east

Save the Salt

After decades of continuous mineral extraction, salt depletion and wilful government neglect, the Bonneville Salt Flats are in serious trouble. Areas that were once 7 feet thick are down to only 3 inches.

In the field with Stephen Wilkes

Using as many as 2,000 photographs taken from a single vantage point, Stephen Wilkes meticulously crafts dramatic image compositions featuring moments in time, over 30 hours

Emerging Talents – Kirsteen Titchener

Kirsteen Titchener is a self-taught photographic artist living in Devon, England. Her work is strongly influenced by a fascination with human nature, and psychology,

Elliot Erwitt Exhibition

An exhibition to celebrate the 90th birthday year of the photographer, Elliott Erwitt, will remain open at Beetles+Huxley, London until 18 February 2018. The show includes over 50 photographs surveying Erwitt’s career.

Perfect Imperfections

An exhibition of photography using vintage techniques opens at Art Ventures Gallery, Menlo Park, California and runs through March 18th.

Shape of Light

100 years of photography and abstract art is a complicated relationship that the Tate Modern will explore in a significant new exhibition announced for May 2018.

Camera-less Photography

The very first photographs of the nineteenth century were produced without the use of a camera. Today, a number of artists are using camera-less photography.

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Something New

In 2018 we will increase the festival floor area and incorporate some new features, more specialist exhibitions along with the continuation of the initiative to support new and emerging artists.

Gallery X

A new Full-Time dedicated space to exhibit photography works year round. We represent International Artists as well as promoting regional talents on a non-exclusive basis.


Xposure offers opportunities to participate in FREE to enter competitions and scholarship programs. In 2017 our International Photography Contest attracted over 10,000 entries from 94 countries.


Xposure hosts exhibitions from highly acclaimed International photographers, professional institutions, and galleries representing work from photographers from around the world.

Workshops & MasterClasses

An extensive and varied selection of educational photography workshops, scholarships and masterclass programs to suit beginners and professionals.

Trade Show

Xposure is the largest photography and imaging show in the Middle East, attended by professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, videographers, students and educators.

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