Aaron Gekoski

Aaron Gekoski

In 2009, Aaron Gekoski swapped life as the owner of a model agency in London, for the wilds of Africa. His goal was to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Sir David Attenborough, by documenting the natural world and then sharing it with as many people as possible.

However, he soon learned that the places he’d grown up admiring on BBC documentaries were under siege. Animals were losing their homes to deforestation, targeted for their body parts or to create bogus medicines, hunted unsustainably, or kept in cages for our personal amusement, or for financial gain.

Since then, he has travelled the planet to document these complex issues as a photographer, film-maker and TV presenter. His confronting, arresting and at times harrowing imagery provides a snapshot of human-animal conflict in the 21st Century.

Aaron Gekoski
Three generations of Bornean elephants work their way across a palm oil plantation in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Elephants are not only losing their home to deforestation but are being killed by plantation workers. There are now less than 1500 of them remaining.

Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski is an award-winning environmental photojournalist, film-maker and TV presenter, specialising in human-animal conflict.

His images and articles have appeared in dozens of international publications and featured in the top photographic competitions. He is a previous winner at Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature Photographer of the Year, and more.

Aaron focuses primarily on Man’s complex relationship with nature. Over the past decade he has taken an in-depth look at: Mozambique’s shark finning crisis, Borneo’s last remaining ‘Sea Gypsies’, orangutan tourism, Cambodia’s ‘hero rats’, Madagascar’s ‘tortoise mafia’, otters and the exotic pet trade, Namibia’s annual seal cull, and more. ANIMOSITY – a recently released coffee table book – chronicles these adventures, and life on the frontline of conservation.

Aaron presents and produces wildlife and conservation films across numerous networks; for broadcast television and online platforms. Recent documentaries about Wildlife Tourism and the Exotic Pet Trade have won international film festivals and helped bring critical conservation issues to a global audience.

Aaron Gekoski
At Safari World, Bangkok, orangutans have been used in humiliating boxing shows for decades. These sentient, intelligent animals are taken from the wild, trained using cruel methods, and then forced to perform for the rest of their lives..

Aaron is founder of Raise the Red Flag, an ongoing campaign to end cruel Wildlife Tourism Attractions. Recent photographic investigations have seen him travel the world to document abuse, with his imagery gaining significant international press coverage. He designed and launched a platform so tourists can report abusive operators, in partnership with Born Free Foundation. He has just completed a feature film on orangutans and the Wildlife Tourism industry, made with the support of numerous NGO’s.


ANIMOSITY: Adventures from the Frontline of Conservation
Published by G2 Entertainment

Awards (featured in or won):

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Nature Photographer of the Year
Underwater Photographer of the Year
Environmental Photographer of the Year
Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year
BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition
Travel Photographer of the Year