Abdel Rahman Gabr

Half Korean Half Egyptian, born in Queens, New York now based in Alexandria, Egypt, Abdel Rahman Gabr-(Koree) is a Filmmaker and a Photographer. He captures inspiring and engaging stories and creative insights, working across a broad range of media, generating original creative insights and executions in TV Ads, Photography, and Advertising.

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Founder of Qube Productions & Koree Films, he grew up in a fascinating cultural melting pot consisting primarily of Korean and Egyptian families, so he was certainly no stranger to the joys and challenges of cultural diversity. After 13 years in the U.S., his family moved to Alexandria, Egypt, another city noted for accommodating diverse nationalities and religions but with a distinctly Mediterranean flavour. After finishing high school, he went on to study Computer Engineering but never went to the field.

Abdel Rahman Gabr documents the people and places in Egypt with a profound lens, purveying certain magic in every shot, inspiring wide-eyed patriotism for this chaotic, ancient civilisation. He captures the spirit of specific Egyptian cities through an incredibly cinematic visual rhetoric.

Rahman Gabr portfolio acts as a beautiful time capsule that blends historic culture with modern day living, almost becoming the ultimate tourism propaganda for Egypt.

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