Abdulla Jaafari

A journalist to photographer convert. As a kid, words were always a part of Abdulla Jaafari’s life. Back in 2006, when he first found out about the automotive industry through magazines, automotive sections in newspapers and then online blogs, he was fascinated and that started a hunger to learn more about the field of writing and photography.

Writing could start with a pen and paper, which were easily available, but to actually have access to cars and a camera was not that simple, especially coming from an uneasy life growing up.

Pagani Huayra BC Roadster

In 2010, Abdulla started practising photography after finding it necessary to compliment the words written in his automotive blog. Capturing basic images that represent the articles, while keeping an eye on what other photographers are doing around the world. Little did he know, that was the first step into launching the photography career that had placed him amongst some of the top artists around the world, being recognized by global manufacturers to create content that he once looked up to, browsing through magazines.

After 4 years of experimenting and creating DIY photography equipment, both his writing and photography have matured to grab the attention of a regional automotive publishing company in Dubai, which he joined in 2014 to become a journalist and a junior photographer.

Getting access to the two things Abdulla needed the most; Cars and a good camera, Abdulla’s development in content creation has accelerated. New doors have opened, along with special projects. Being accompanied by world-class photographers and his continuously growing passion for the automotive field, Abdulla pushed to learn new skills and he started being behind the camera a lot more than being behind a keyboard.

BMW M4 with the Great Pyramids of Giza

His knowledge of cars and journalism started creating a way of framing pictures which are built on words. Transforming descriptive writing into visuals, speaking to automotive enthusiasts and photography lovers together.

In 2018, Abdulla got introduced to the world of mirrorless cameras. That was the point where photography has never been so serious for him. In the same year, Abdulla photographed his first globally-recognized photoset for Jaguar. A huge moment of realization, that if it wasn’t for that first step, he wouldn’t be taking a picture that a little kid somewhere around the world could be looking at, passing on his passion for the automotive world.

Since then, that domino piece dropped another, with a Pininfarina global project, then came Porsche then came Pagani, Lamborghini and more. In 2022, Abdulla decided to discover the automotive scenes around the region, travelling and exploring what the enthusiasts have to share.