Vanity by Murray Fredericks Going Viral

Murray Fredericks is a self-taught photographer from Sydney, Australia. After studying Politics and economics, Fredericks undertook and completed a Masters in Art and later his MFA at the University of New South Wales.

Fredericks’s work is derived from a perspective that views culture as something that cannot be wholly accounted for through social construct. It’s a view that sees some values as derived from a ‘time-less essence’. The work attempts to represent the experience when thought is temporarily suspended and the mind encounters ‘other’.

© Murray Fredericks

From the start of his career, Fredericks process has involved prolonged solo journeys to remote and often extreme locations. Vanity is his most recent project, but like the other four, it has its own timeless expression and almost mystic voice

The project was based on Lake Eyre, a desert lake at the lowest natural point in Australia, some 15m below sea level, where there are extraordinarily high concentrations of salt  Murray captures some extremely dramatic images of the sky reflected in this salt-scape, and his recent series called “Vanity” has a subject that adds more impact to his otherwise beautiful images.

© Murray Fredericks

Murray uses a rectangular mirror that stands it in 25mm of water to capture the sky reflection and the lake along with the landscape reflected from and also either side of the mirror.

To view the work on exhibition or know more about Vanity by Murray Fredericks please contact Hamiltons Gallery, 13 Carlos Pl, Mayfair, London W1K 2EU – Tel: 020 7499 9493