Since an early age, underwater photographer Zena Holloway developed a passion primarily for SCUBA diving and secondly photography.

While working as a diving instructor, she began taking photos with a regular underwater camera and, as time went by, she persevered to teach herself the skills required for one of the most technically challenging photographic techniques.

Her stunning images are ethereal and magical, her work spans both commercial and fine art. The creative direction in each of her editorials results in imagery evocative of mystical fairy tales or a suspended reality frozen in time.

Zena Holloway Fine Art Underwater Photography at Xposure

Zina Holloway’s work decorates pages and covers of magazines around the world, and her prints can be found gracing the lobbies of Trump Tower. Her award winning video and photography credits include Elle Style Awards, Vogue, Schon, Tatler amongst many others.

Over the years Zena Holloway has embarked on some strange assignments including shooting Skeletons and buried treasure in Uruguay; Race Horses in the Caribbean Sea; Great Whites in South Africa; Anacondas and Crocodiles.

During Xposure 2017, visitors will have the opportunity to see first hand how one of the worlds most revered underwater fashion photographers actually carries out her underwater photography.

Fine Art Underwater Photographer Zena Holloway


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