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Alan Ranger ABIPP

Alan Ranger ABIPP

Workshop Trainer


Alan Ranger is an award-winning photographer based in the UK. He has developed his personal style after more than 15 years experience: through expression, perception and a deep understanding of creative intention. Disciplined yet inventive, his inimitable approach allows him to turn unremarkable moments in to extraordinary images, depicting the remarkable journey through life

Alan’s landscape photography work is not merely a snapshot of what we see; it mirrors how we feel. A glance at his landscape photography illustrates this concept - capturing the energy of the land and depicting the emotion of that specific moment in time. He says "I love the beauty of a landscape image, not because of what or where it is but because it reflects who we are and our individual connection to land, sea, sky and light."

Alan’s landscape portfolio has been published in: magazines, national and regional press, books and broadcasting. He is recognised within his field of expertise and has been awarded 4 times in Landscape Photographer of the Year and has been a finalist for the past 3 years in Outdoor Photographer of the Year.

He says; “The ability to share my images and inspire others to go forth, to explore, to create and to interpret has led to my provision of professional photography tuition for discerning creatives.

Pictures are the expression of the photographer - they reflect perception and individuality, portraying a journey through life.” Capture life…create a journey.

In just over 30 months, Alan Ranger Photography has: delivered tuition to more than 2,000 clients, taught over 350 classes, led over 100 outdoor workshops, mentored numerous clients through photographic distinctions, and taken 30 clients from a concept portfolio to exhibiting and trading in high street galleries. Alan holds dozens of awards including the prestigious British Photographic Exhibitors Five Crowns Award and EFIAP and DPAGB distinctions and an accredited distinction with the Royal Photographic Society and is an Associate with the British Institution of Professional Photographers (BIPP).

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013, 2015 - with 4 Awards

Alan will be conducting daily beginner and beginner masterclass workshops on “Get Off Auto”, “Composition” and “Introduction to DLSR Photography”. and participating in Portfolio Reviews.

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