Almoutasim Almaskery

Almoutasim Almaskery is an Omani photographer born in Muscat, Oman on 14th of June 1981. His love and passion for photography started at an early age inspired by his geologist father. He used to photograph the hills, mountains, deserts and valleys of his beloved Oman and shared them with his family after returned home from his journeys. Challenged with Dyslexia photography became Almoutasim’s book – and the camera became his pen to write his stories with. 

Through photography, he could express and be understood by everyone. He studied Fine Art at The American University in Dubai and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts [ BFA ], concentration in Photography, in 2013. His work is known to cover a wide field from culture to social and environmental topics, all focused on the Middle East region. Some exhibited work is »Pearl Divers – Dancing with Death«, »Wo-man«, »The Burqa« and recently his ongoing project »Beyond the Fog« which showcases the environment, the people and their way of life and the heritage of the Dhofar region in the very South of Oman. Almoutasim’s work was exhibited in Dubai, Sharjah, Paris, Arizona, New York and recently in Washington, D.C. He is represented by The Empty Quarter Gallery Dubai, UAE. At the moment he is working on several projects focussing to preserve Omani culture.