Anthony Lamb

Anthony Lamb

British born Anthony Lamb is a fine art photographer based in London and Dubai. Anthony was always motivated to pursue a career in the arts, he attended art college and studied Furniture and Product Design at Nottingham University in the UK.

His interest in photography was a combination of a number of influences – when he was young, he was lucky enough to travel to some fantastic locations such as the Alps, Lake District (UK) and Scotland which gave him an appreciation for large open spaces. This love of the outdoors and interest in a simplistic design inspired him to pick up a camera and allowing Anthony to document experiences using his own interpretation in the field and through the post-editing process.

Anthony’s photography is based on a minimalist approach that aims to reduce distraction by eliminating objects that sit outside the main subject.

Anthony Lamb

Sand Blasted, United Arab Emirates, Desert Portraits, 2019

By using negative space in his photography, he intends to draw the eye into the main focus of the photograph. This simplicity opens the door to self-interpretation and emotional connection, similar to that of abstract art and makes the photograph that little more intimate.

Anthony says, “I’ve always tried to incorporate stillness, seclusion and silence in my work and these elements reflect back at the viewer, drawing your interest deeper into the emotional story of the image.” He has an infatuation with water and negative space, so you will see this appearing in many of his photographs. He’s also interested in capturing less recognisable locations to add more intrigue to the image.

Recent projects include a series of images taken in the Arabian Desert called ‘Desert Portraits’ where conditions had to be very specific in order to relay the aesthetic Anthony looks for. He explains “I look for cloudy and flat light conditions and by using the filtered morning light, the dunes take on a soft painterly effect, which tends to suit my style and edit.”

This collection was a winner in the prestigious PX3 Prix De La Photographie awards in Paris and Neutral Density Awards.

Anthony Lamb

Lifes Moments, Dovercourt Lighthouse, UK, Coast Connections, 2018

Since 2015, Anthony has been exploring man’s relationship with the coast and has utilised the technique of long exposure, using man-made structures as singular and paired subjects. This award-winning series of images, ‘coastal connections’, explores the relationship between man and the water’s edge which is part of a much bigger project that concentrates on climate change and what we stand to lose if sea levels continue to rise.

His editorial work has appeared in leading publications such as Timeout, Outdoor Photographer, Practical Photography, Landscape Photography Magazine, ND Magazine, BnW minimalist, LEMag, Aesthetica, Klassik International to name a few. His work is represented globally by a selection of fine art galleries.

Lamb has exhibited Internationally, collaborated with many global companies commercially and is a winner of prestigious awards from international contests such as PX3, IPA, ND Awards, The Fine Art Photography Awards, Monochrome Awards, International Photographer of the Year and Practical Photographer of the Year. Anthony currently lives in Dubai with his wife, two young daughters.