António Bernardino Coelho

António Bernardino Coelho is an amateur photographer born and raised in Recarei, Porto, Portugal. From an early age, he was interested in Art and throughout his childhood, the interest grew into a stronger passion for the arts. Although António studied electrical engineering he knew his destiny was elsewhere. The taste for photography emerged in 2010 during a trip to Cuba.

Initially, Coelho started to develop his skills in analogue film photography using old cameras he could acquire at the time including the Zeiss Ikon, Agfa, some Twin Lens Reflex cameras such as Cyro flex, Yashica, Rolleiflex. António was fascinated by the manual technology due to the mechanical mechanisms and because of the need for a deeper knowledge of the relationship between light and shutter speed.

During 2014 Coelho began with the digital medium and purchased his first DSLR. From that time he began experimenting and photographing different subjects including architecture, street, still life and conceptual art. Still-Life is a unique genre of photography in so far that the subjects aren’t very interesting.

António finds Still, life photography in a conceptual approach allows him to merge his lifelong passion for art and his love of photography. Conceptual manipulation is one of Coelho’s strong points and he achieves a connection to the planet, subject matters of relevance and the environment in his work.

António Bernardino Coelho takes pleasure in the creativity and imagination required to create conceptual still life photographs. The skill is to capture a concept or idea in photographs. That means that you need to arrange your still life references in such a way that they get a point across or clearly illustrate a concept.

In 2017 Coelho was awarded a Still Life category first place in the Xposure International Photography Awards. In 2018 and 2020 he achieved his place in the Portugal National Awards along with recognition in the Sony Awards.