Ashok Verma

Ashok Verma was Born and raised in Delhi, India grew up with a passion for the Arts. Against his parents wishes for him to become a Doctor. Ashok graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Retailing and Trade but had the intention to pursue the Arts.

Verma began his photographic career in 1995 with no formal training, no mentor and no business sense. The inclination and passion toward the Arts led him into photography with the sole dream in his young eyes, to become an Advertising & Fashion photographer. Without a mentor and any experience, Verma accepted that a long struggle was inevitable. Immense Faith, Strong dreams and an instinct to never give up, propelled him to make his space in the industry.

From advertising and fashion photography he turned his lens to photojournalism in 2007, that in turn introduced him to Street Photography, which remains one of his preferred genres today.

Ashok Verma now works as a senior photojournalist for a leading Arabic daily newspaper under Dubai Media Inc. With the changes in media platforms and boom in digital media Ashok started to learn video and video editing skills..

He has been producing photography related videos for past two and a half years and releases at least one video every week on his YouTube channel to share whatever he has learned over the years.

“Today also I am excited for my shoots the way I used to when I was starting this journey and this is what fuels me to learn more and explore more. I am blessed to do what I love to do”.

Photojournalism led Ashok into a new genre known as Street Photography, however, since being based in the UAE  additional challenges for this genre arose and he knew that to produce work of international standards, it would be tough.

The Street Photography challenge excited him more and he purchased a small fixed lens mirrorless camera, just to for this purpose. He set his own goal to produce at least one picture for himself every day and always learning by mistakes.

“My Mantra is to Unlearn to Learn more – I share what I learn and I never hesitate to ask what I don’t know.” Ashok Verma