Atif Saeed

A highly talented and renowned landscape and nature photographer from Pakistan, who is well known for his versatile photographic style. For Atif, his photography is a method of self-expression and a method to share his life experiences.

Saeed is an artist of nature who cleverly uses the full extent of the camera’s capabilities to capture beautiful and remote wilderness locations in order to satisfy his personal love of nature and his passion for adventure. His extraordinary visualising ability, understanding the behaviour of light’ and excellence in composition lets him capture unique moments in a fine art style. Atif’s ultimate objective on each photographic exploration is to create powerful images that induce mood, balance symmetry and colours with simplicity.

K2 8611m, Karakoram, Pakistan.

Saeed says “my prime importance is the light, I carefully assess the best time of day and year to capture the scene at its best”. He will often spend several days studying the environment and light fall to maximise beauty and creativity.


Through high altitude trekking, off-road jeep safaris, and climbing, Saeed spends most of his time searching for spectacular, unspoilt remote valleys and picturesque places, to capture the beauty of the highest mountains, glaciated lakes and untouched wilderness.

Daily Life, Kashmir, Pakistan.

Dynamic nature, tendency to work restlessly and fast reflexes to point fleeting moments has led Atif Saeed to earn the distinctive position and enjoy respect among professional photographers of the world. His work is constantly published worldwide in a variety of media and provides advertising images for Apple.