Bebi Zekirovski

Bebi Zekirovski, born in Bitola, the Republic of Macedonia in 1978. He moved to Sydney, Australia in 2004 where he continued his career as a photographer and cinematographer. The passion for storytelling is reflected throughout the photographs that he takes.

“My aim is to capture a story in every image that I take, – Like they say One photo, a thousand words. I have had the opportunity to travel around Australian and the world to capture great stories of different cultures, and people in different situations and share them with the world” Says Bebi.

Just another day at the camp- a topless boy walking while cyclone BulBul passes by the refugee camp

After moving to Australia in 2004, Zekirovski continued his career freelancing for 10 years as a Photographer and Cinematographer. As his passion for storytelling grew stronger he enrolled at the Australian Film Television and Radio School where he graduated as a Cinematographer.

During Zekirovski’s 15 years in the industry, he has been rewarded with success with exhibitions, publications and as a jury member at photography exhibitions,

Zekirovski’s has been awarded two bronze medals at the ACS award ceremonies and was a runner up at a photography exhibition at Refugee Week in Sydney Australia.

In 2015 Zekirovski collaborated with a South African writer on her book about female rights which was funded by the United Nations. In 2016 he held his first solo photography exhibition called “Change Your Lense, Change Your Story” which was held at the Hurstville Museum for Natural History & Culture. In that same year, he became a full member of ACS- Australian Cinematographers Society.

In 2019  Zekirovski was commissioned by the Danish Refugee Council to document the stories of the Rohingya people at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.  Zekirovsk found the assignment very challenging & mind changing but also a very rewarding experience.


The Bangla Girl

“I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but am ready to capture new images and show them to the world” Bebi Zekirovski

“I am Aboriginal: This is my story” 2016

Awards – Cinematography 
ACS Bronze Award ” Non White” Short Documentary 2017 Sydney Australia
ACS Bronze Award ” Letter” Short Film 2018 Sydney Australia​