Beno Saradzic

Beno Saradzic

Beno Saradzic is a Slovenian time-lapse cinematographer and photographer who is currently based in Dubai, UAE.

For 18 years, Beno has trained his eye in the art of seeing as a 3D Computer Animation and Architecture Visualization specialist. As a veteran digital artist who worked on hundreds of projects for clients worldwide, Beno won numerous accolades and awards for his achievements, such as the rank of ‘Autodesk Master’ as well as the winner of the prestigious ‘Tektronix International Design Visualization Competition’ in 1993. For his continuous contributions to the art of architectural visualization, Beno was given a ‘Special Merit of Excellence’ award by Kinetix / Autodesk in 2005.

Beno Saradzic Sample 1
Dizzying perspective of the skyscrapers in the heart of New York's Broadway.

Saradzic is a specialist filmmaker and a photographer with a residence in Dubai, UAE.

Beno is known as a fine art photographer who creates exceptionally envisioned, technically complex visuals which are executed with ambitious post-production techniques. His creative process is taking place equally in the field and in the studio, offering to the public very distinctive realizations.

Beno collaborates with the leading global photography brands. He is an official Fujifilm Brand Ambassador as well as a brand ambassador of NiSi Filters, 500px and Timelapse+

His work is regularly featured in international publications, exhibited and sold at various art galleries and in the book stores. As an avid photography scholar, Beno conducts frequent workshops and is a regular guest at industry related events and festivals, participating with speaking engagements, discussion panels and seminars.

Beno is a winner of nearly 40 photography and cinematography awards in the past 5 years. Most notable among them is the Emmy Nomination in 2014 for outstanding cinematography and ‘Gold World Medal’ for Best Cinematography at the New York Film Festival.

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Digital photography and photo manipulation share the same DNA. This is the Golden Age of the visual arts!

As a producer, Saradzic was also a winner of the ‘Silver Dolphin’ at the 2014 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.
He is the 1st place Winner of both HIPA in Time Lapse Category (2017-2018) as well as 1st place winner in the Film Category of ‘Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes Creative Media Competition’ (2017-2018)