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Beno Saradzic

Beno Saradzic, a Slovenian born cinematographer and photographer has spent 18 years as a professional 3D Architectural Visualiser that trained his eye in the ‘art of seeing’. As an internationally acclaimed digital artist, he has won numerous awards and accolades, such as ‘Autodesk Master’ and winner of the prestigious ‘Tektronix International Design Visualisation Competition’. Along with his contributions to the field of architectural visualisation have earned him several merits, publication in magazines and books, including ‘3DS MAX 2008 Foundation’ is a testament to Beno’s command over his craft. Beno Saradzic is currently based in Dubai, UAE.

Since first picking up a camera in 2008, Beno leveraged his years of experience in the field of design visualisation and never saw this as a change of direction, it was in fact a natural step; to become a professional photographer and a specialist time-lapse artist.​


Science of light, sound and art are Beno’s favourite and most personal journey of discovery. As a self-taught artist, he spent many years appreciating the works of the great painting masters, classical music composers, masterpieces creations by legendary cinematographers and portfolios of early days pioneers of photography. With such a hunger for knowledge and a solid foundation gained from years of practising the craft of architectural visualisation, Beno uses his mastery of light and composition to seek and express his unique creativity.

Saradzic has constantly pushed himself and his equipment in a quest to achieve his signature style.

Beno’s has a reputed standing in the international photography community. This has led to collaborations and multiple brand ambassadorships with the likes of Canon (2015-2018), where he was listed amongst the top 53 imaging talents across EMEA. In 2016, Beno was also appointed Global Ambassador for NiSi filters and in 2017 as Brand Ambassador of the photography website 500px.

Beno’s collaborations and ambassadorships have since grown to include the TIME-LAPSE+ brand, and proudly in 2018, Beno joined the ranks of Fujifilm’s ‘X-Photographers’ as an official Brand Ambassador.


Books, Films and Exhibitions

Foundation 3D Studio MAX 2008 (Brian L. Smith)
A Lebanese Perspective: Houses and Other Work (Simone Kosremelli)
Wild Arabia (BBC Natural History TV series)
Featured guest in Passage to Abu Dhabi (Discovery TLC with Denise Keller)
Exhibited video and still works in Paris, Ljubljana, Venice, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Moscow and Tokyo