Beno Saradzic

Slovenian born Beno Saradzic is a multi-specialist visual artist. Saradzic is a FujiFilm X-Photographer and specifically known in professional circles as a time-lapse cinematographer, director, producer, editor, conceptual and pre-visualisation 3-D artist.

Beno attracted tremendous public attention in recent years through his virally shared time-lapse films and is increasingly known as a photographer, successfully conveying his passion through ambitious, unique and effective visuals.

His work was featured in numerous International publications such as Popular Photography, Digital Foto (Denmark), Digital Photo Magazine (UK), Chip Foto-Video (Germany), GQ (Spain), Huffington Post (US), National Geographic (US & UAE).

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Beno Saradzic is a winner of numerous international awards in the field of photography, time-lapse cinematography and film production.

Most notable among them is the Emmy nomination in 2014 for his achievements in time-lapse cinematography for the BBC’s ‘Wild Arabia’ TV series.

In 2015, Beno won a Gold World Medal at the New York Film Festival for his work on the film commissioned by the Abu Dhabi government and as a producer. Saradzic also won a Silver Dolphin Award at the 2014 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.