Bjoern Lauen

Born 1980, in northwest Germany, Bjoern Lauen has been involved in photography for the past 20 years, starting with a camera his father gave him during his early teens. After taking photos of family and friends for a while, he interned at a local newspaper photographing the local communities and their events.

Lauen later worked part time in a photography studio where he was taught to develop film in the darkroom. He completed a business diploma and started studying psychology. After a successful career as an entrepreneur, co-founding the successful international franchise concept LOOXIS – he later became a director and board member of a UAE based company.

Bjoern focused full time on turning his passion photography into a successful business and would spend his free time traveling the world with expeditions or participating in charitable projects to provide photography for the cause. His published work about the tribes of Omo Valley in Ethiopia has been exhibited at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Hollywood / Los Angeles.

Bjoern”s work has been published in national and international media such as National Geographic Kids, The Guardian, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal and further more. His photography is part of various books – such as the successful 911LOVE Porsche book.

His aerial work has been used in various international films and publications. Bjoern is a member of the Rotary Club and a supporter of selected entrepreneur owned small business that is innovative and creative. Bjoern is a regular contributor to UAE-based Phocal Media.

Bjoern’s interest in technology and innovation led him to develop an interest in the early development of aerial vehicles (UAV / RPAS) for photo and video. Over the past 3 years, he has tested and photographed with some of the latest aerial imaging setups on the market. He has been part of the development of UAV imaging setups and demonstrations for government bodies, security and intelligence agencies and commercial organisations. He was part of the development team of the first PhaseOne 100MP photography setups on a UAV.