Captain Andrew Masterson

Captain Andrew Masterson holds a UAE Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Helicopters) and has over 30 years and 10,000+ flying hours of incident free flying, single pilot, and multi-crew, on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. He initially qualified as a technician and fixed-wing aircrew in the Irish Air Corps and then as a civil pilot.

Masterson is a UAE GCAA accredited Diploma (H. Dip) in Aviation Security Professional Management (AVSEC PM) from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the John Molson School of Business Studies, Concordia University, International Centre for Aviation Management Education and Research (ICAMER), Canada.

With extensive experience of operating both in the European and Middle Eastern

Environments, both on and offshore, with 20 years based in the UAE and wider Gulf

region. Currently, Andrew is the Crew Training manager at Heli Dubai, having previously held UAE GCAA Post Holder positions as Flight Operations Manager, Safety Manager, and Security Manager. Aerial filming has included TV, documentaries, corporate promotions and movies work as both Aerial Pilot and Aerial Coordinator including:

Father Ted (UK CH4)

The War of the Buttons (Independent Film 1993)

The Turtle (UAE – Winner of Gold Dolphin Award at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Film Festival, 2012)

The Family Tree (UAE National Media Council)

Strip the City (Dubai UAE)

Ultimate Airport Dubai (Dubai UAE)

Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol (Dubai UAE)

Fast and Furious 7 (Abu Dhabi UAE)

Star Wars – The Force Awakens (Abu Dhabi UAE)

Star Trek Beyond (Dubai UAE)

Emirates Airlines Corporate Video

Etihad Airlines Corporate Video

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