Chris Tuff

My father was a landscape photographer and photography Lecturer, so by the age of nine I was taking my own photographs, processing the film and making prints. I went on to study at Goldsmiths College intending to specialize in photography but became seduced by film and video.

For the majority of his career Tuff has been working with the moving image as a freelance director, ‘creative’ and writer. His work has received numerous international accolades and awards at festivals around the World. Since returning to his photographic roots five years ago, Chriss works as a freelance photographer, writer and director based in Cornwall but working internationally.

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For Tuff, landscape photography is about revealing, evoking the spirit, or capturing the evanescent mood and moment of a place – its power, drama, beauty or serenity, whatever I happen to feel about it at that instant. This influences what and how I shoot or treat the subject, whether manipulated abstract images or traditional monochrome. I have lived on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall for sixteen years and consequently, the sea and coastline is a constant source of inspiration.

“The rule of thirds or golden ratio is a good place to start, but essentially it is about leading the eye of the viewer, creating depth, using negative space.”


Chris Tuff’s  Black and White photography, in particular, is inspired by the dark, tempestuous, beauty and drama of Cornwall in the autumn and winter months.

“For a photograph to be anything other than purely a record of a scene it must reveal or expose something about the subject, evoke a feeling, an emotion an atmosphere. For me landscape photography is about just that, revealing, evoking the spirit, or capturing the evanescent mood and moment of a place – its power, drama, beauty or whatever I happen to feel about it at that moment. Many of Chris’s artworks are meditative and evocative abstractions of the landscape reducing it to its basic elements.”

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Exclusive collections of work are represented by OnGallery, Artiq Art Consultants, Luminaire Arts, Getty Images, and Arcangel.