Claes Axstål

Claes Axstål grew up with cameras at his father’s photo store in Gothenburg, Sweden.

His professional career started with ski photography in the early 80’s, where he wanted to find his own style and used medium format cameras and high powered flash in the mountains.

At dawn of the new millennium, he brought flash photography to new heights and even managed to prove his own purpose-built flash system for the aviation industry. Ever since, his trademark has been stunning sunsets with the perfect illumination of sports, travel, yachts, and aircraft in their real environment.

Some 16 years ago Axstal wanted to take his flash photography to new heights and his proving ground was directed at aircraft photography. The “Airborne Flash Photography” was born 28 March 2001 when he photographed the Saab Gripen fighter jet for the Swedish Air Force.


Claes has been working with the Swedish Air Force, LAPD, US Coast Guard, and several well-known aircraft and helicopter manufacturers. His images appear on magazine covers of Super Yachts and has published a book “Airborne Flash Photography for the Aviation Industry”