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Intermediate masterclass WORKSHOPS

Thu 13th October - Fri 14th October, 2016

Creative Composites - Erik-Almas-Advertsing-and-Editorial-Photogarpher_Espana_Shopping_Wip_10 v2_200dpi

“So breathtaking are Erik Almas' meticulously planned, produced and post produced images that fellow photographers and armchair Photoshop quarterbacks are often left to scratch their heads and wonder; How’d he do that?”.

As it turns out this is a question that Almas is more than happy to answer.

During this workshop Erik will give attendess a rare glimpse into his photographic evolution. He will not only talk about the how but also the “why” behind his images

A one-and-a-half day workshop split between classroom and location shooting. In this workshop Erik will take you through his entire workflow, from shooting the background plate and models, to editing in post-production

Day 1

The workshop begins at 09:00 on Thursday 13th October, with a classroom session where Erik will discuss theory and intentions behind creating and producing imagry to the highest commercial standards. He will then take you through the afternoon location shoot from concept to execution.

After lunch the class will go on-loacation to shoot. In real-time you will be able to witness and observe Erik at work and shoot side-by-side with him.

Day 2

Commencing at 14:00 on Friday 14th October, the the class will review and then work on the images created the previous day. Erik will dicuss the how and why in his post productions workflow, while welcoming your feedback and questions.

After the halfway Photoshop session, everyone will walk away with a completed, retiuched image from the day before.

So come and join Erik for what will be an unforgettable and influencial two day experience.

What you will need to bring:


  • Any type of camera that you are familiar with. DLSR, Medium Format, Compact / Mirrorless.


  • Laptop running with a minimum 8GB of RAM, Quad core CPU and at least 200GB of free HD space.
  • A Mouse or Wacom Tablet


  • Photoshop CC 2015 or higher. (Available in 30 day trial version)

Below is a links for you to download the above mentioned software. You may wish to try before you subscribe but remember, if you are planning to use a trail version during the workshop, you need to ensure that it is current during the workshop period

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