David Newton

David Newton

David Newton is a professional photographer and filmmaker who steadfastly refuses to be pushed down one genre of image-making. Depending on the client or the mood, you’ll find him shooting anything from landscapes to portraits, travel to sport, products, architecture and macro…and anything else that catches his eye.

A world traveller, he is never happier than exploring some far-flung corners of the world in search of new scenes to capture. He was an early adopter of DSLR video, and since then, the video side of his work has grown, mainly in the corporate arena.

A humpback whale dives at sunset, Sea of Cortez

If he’s not out capturing scenes either in stills or video, he’ll be found presenting a workshop or masterclass on behalf of a number of different brands.
He trained originally as a Marine Biologist before moving on to a post-grad Masters in Biological Photography and Imaging. He then began in the industry as a picture editor at the wildlife picture library NHPA before moving on to be the technical editor at EOS Magazine and the Canon Professional Network (CPN) and he regularly presents for Canon at workshops and events across Europe.

His photographic approach is that the image should be created in camera wherever possible. While post-processing is required to bring out the best of an image, it should be limited to minor tweaks and adjustments rather than wholesale, heavy-handed manipulation that distorts the reality of the scene. To achieve this, he concentrates on camera techniques and the creative use of filters and flash to achieve his desired results. This forms the basis of his workshops too – you’ll learn a lot more about what your camera does and how to make the best of it in any given situation rather than spending hours in front of a computer trying to make something out of nothing.

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley at sunrise

David is an ambassador for several brands within the industry, including SanDisk, G-Technology, LitePanels, Manfrotto/Gitzo, Lastolite and Koy Lab.