Digital Printmaking – Concept to Output

The very appealing and fast-changing technology of digital printmaking has made it imperative to keep up to the minute with developments in this captivating art form. This workshop/seminar is designed to appeal to the professional photographer, graphic designers and professional printers.  Gaining the knowledge and know-how to produce at the exacting standards, sought by leading photographers, and how to achieve the highest industry standards in printmaking.

Douglas Dubler was one of the original Epson’s Stylus Pros and is also an X-Rite Master “Coloratti”. In a career that has spanned more than 4 decades, he has constantly pursued the elusive fine art print. From his early exposure to Ansel Adams’ Zone System to dye transfer and Fresson printing, Douglas has combined aesthetics and technology together with a very critical eye to producing exquisitely detailed digital prints.



The Douglas Dubler seminar/workshop will cover the entire gamut of necessary components for achieving superior results in digital printing; from capture/scanning, camera calibration, monitor calibration, preparation of the file, colour management, custom profiling, printing with a RIP, calibrated viewing and paper selection. Mounting and framing are also discussed. Both B&W and colour printing will be covered.

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