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Presented by: Beno Saradzic

2 Day Workshop - Wed 12th Oct. and Thu 13th Oct. 2016

An 8 hour workshop split over two days. This course explores the exciting frontier of digital photography, known as 'Dynamic Image Blending'.

The course is suited to photographers of intermediate to advanced levels who are confident users of their DSLR and mirrorless cameras in full manual mode.

The students are expected to have previous experience in working with camera RAW files and to have performed editing with Adobe applications such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

One of the most important aspects of Dynamic Image Blending (DIB), is the ability to produce a photograph with a dynamic and tonal range which extends far beyond the default output of a modern DSLR or Mirrorless camera. But it doesn't end there.

Dynamic Image Blending is an elaborate and incredibly powerful set of techniques which empower the photographer with the ability to control every aspect of a digital photograph in which the imagination is the only limitation.

The workshop, lead by Beno Saradzic, will be split into two modules over two half day sessions.

On-location shoot will be held from the afternoon to evening on day one to maximise the potential of DIB.

  • Beno will explain the importance of researching and planning your shoot to in order to maximise its creative potential.
  • About the gear
  • How to make the right equipment selection for the shoot
  • How to set you camera, lenses and tripod.

During the shoot, Beno will assist the students with the various ways of capturing bracketed exposures with and without the external triggering devices. He'll explain what subjects to look for in a typical scene in which DIB is the end objective.

The second module is a classroom session that will be held in the morning of day two. You will learn:

  • How to maximise the potential of RAW files,
  • How to do process HDR images the right way
  • Work on several examples of luminosity masking and blending.
  • Advanced image editing techniques
  • How to combine tecniques to match with each photographers' individual style.

Beno will talk about the suitable computer specifications, accessories and image editing applications.

What you will need to bring:


  • Laptop running with a minimum 8GB of RAM, Quad core CPU and at least 200GB of free HD space.
  • A Mouse or Wacom Tablet


  • Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CC 2015 or higher. (Available in 30 day trial version)
  • NIK Collection (Available Free)
  • Oloneo Photo Engine (Available in 30 day trial version)

Below are links for you to download the above mentioned software. You may wish to try before you subscribe but remember, if you are planning to use a trail version during the workshop, you need to ensure that it is current during the workshop period

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