Essdras M Suarez

Essdras M Suarez is a two-time Pulitzer prizewinner, who worked as a photojournalist for over 20 years, the last 12 up until 2014 with the Boston Globe. During his career, he received national and international accolades for his coverage of stories such as the Columbine Shooting, Boston Bombing Marathon, Newton Massacre, Tsunami aftermath, Iraq war coverage and others. He’s also received multiple awards for his portrait, food, product and travel photography.

His images have been published in such well-recognized publications as the National Geographic, Time Magazine, New York Times and Washington Post and many more national and international publications.

Tacana, Guatemala - The family of 14-year old Osveli Sales grieves over his casket after his body was returned home after he died on a lonely Colorado highway while being smuggled into the US. Osveli was one 17 Central Americans crammed in the back of a mini van that crashed as they were being ferreted to different parts of the US after “coyotes” smuggled them through the border.

Having worked in over 60 countries around the world, he now calls home Alexandria, VA.
Most of his time nowadays is spent teaching photo workshops nationally and abroad as a:
* Photo Instructor/ Mentor for Road Scholar
* Photo mentor and CEO of EMS Photo Adventures LLC where he’s focused on creating education- geared custom photo opportunities which he leads himself and/ or with a cadre of other fellow Pulitzer Prizewinners.
• He is also a freelance photographer specializing in documentary event coverage, portraiture, travel and editorial photography.

He has been a guest speaker and taught workshops nationally and internationally and is a US Department of State Expert Speaker in Photojournalism specializing in Latin America. He also does presentations and conferences for organizations such as:
• YPO/WPO – premier leadership organization of chief executives in the world.
• NECCC (New England Camera Council) Annual Photography Conferences, in Amherst MA.
• Education Travel Conference: The leading education travel industry based event.
• Asociación Fotografica de Panama, Panama City
• Fotoweek Panama
… among others

Trinidad, Cuba- A dance of shapes and colors takes center stage as a couple of Trinitarians go about their daily chores. Because of the decades- long US embargo on Cuba, the Cuban people have developed a way of life that focuses mostly on getting by with the materials and tools at hand. So seeing people with loads of all sorts of minutiae and materials that would normally be considered garbage in other parts of the world is an everyday occurrence. Cubans will be the first ones to tell you: “We don’t throw much away and we always find a way to make do.”

Chosen Awards:
• 2014 Spot News Pulitzer (Boston Marathon Bombing), Boston Globe Editorial Staff
• 2008, 2007, 2005 awards from the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation
• 2008, 2000 Headliner Awards for International Photojournalism and Feature
• 2008, 2007 1st Place features category from the Association of Newspaper & Editors
• 2008 Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism award
• 2002 – 2012 varied awards from the Boston Press Photographer’s Association
• 2000 Spot News Pulitzer (Columbine Shooting), Denver Rocky Mountain News Staff
• 2000 Robert F. Kennedy International Photojournalism Award
• 1996 – 2001 varied awards from the Colorado Press Association

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