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Retouching Masterclass

23 Nov 2018 @10:00 - 24 Nov 2018 @19:00

Natalia Taffarel Retouching Masterclass

This is a two-day complete Retouching Workshop incorporating multiple modules from understanding the Art of Colour to Post Processing techniques and workflow.

Natalia Taffarel is one of the most sought-after colour and retouching experts, Natalia Taffarel’s passion lies in unleashing the hidden beauty in images – and telling others how she got there. Natalia will share her complete workflow focusing on the techniques and the basis for her aesthetic decisions and she will showcase her “tricks” to optimise the use of Adobe Photoshop CC.


The Masterclass’ Objectives

Natalia Taffarel will discuss the entire process and techniques of retouching focusing with great attention on the fashion, beauty and hair images. She will showcase her peculiar techniques and explain the process behind the practicalities of retouching, including the why and when specific retouching methodologies are employed. This practical and intensive masterclass will teach you how to retouch beauty and fashion shots to make it naturally perfect while not being digitally obvious. You will learn about whitening and straightening the teeth, redefining lips, reshaping and resizing the nose, sharpening eyes, perfecting the face features, adding and removing makeup, creating different skin tones and the most challenging hair correction or redoing as well as creating the background and elegant lighting adjustments to produce that “Vogue Magazine” output. This makes for a thorough and complete learning tool.

You walk away with the knowledge needed to competently evaluate an image, envision the result in the mind’s eye, plan the process and execute the work needed to achieve the vision.


DAY 1: Friday 23rd November
10:00 – 19:00



On the first day of retouching, Natalia covers the following topics.

From perception, how we see, how we learn. About criteria and talent everything to understand the thought processes behind artistry, the basis for aesthetic decisions. The rules of composition and colour theory are based on natural, almost instinctive brain reactions to the characteristic of elements and their interactions with each other. Understanding WHY we like certain things and hate others, what about taste we can predict, only then we can control all the aspects of creating images.


Advertising principles applied to photography
Colour composition. Not only the artistic aspect of Color Theory will be covered but also the psychology and technical aspect of colour as well. How to effectively and harmoniously put together a colour palette for every image.

The market, myths and misconceptions. The real photographers and the gurus, who we should listen to and who we should ignore.

The importance of having good references, a key to creating appealing art. The do and don’t of the industry when it comes to learning and growing as a professional.

  • How to be organised and work from the beginning in a non-destructive client/ad agency friendly matter.
  • Selection and organising in Bridge and Conversion in Capture 1, done on a calibrated screen.
  • Getting the best from your file for the desired output. Colour and light density right from the start.
  • Introduction to a workflow.
  • File kinds, extensions, profiles, spaces, colour depth, software, everything you say you know but you don ́t really understand.
  • Introduction to colour management.
  • Workflow order. Understanding how to work closely with the client.
  • Masking is covered in depth because nothing gets done in retouching without masking.
  • Different ways of masking and the theory behind luminosity masks. Extractions.
  • Colour adjustments, colour tools for grading using masks
  • Working and understanding texture. Creating, replacing, enhancing texture.
  • D&B – Working with light
  • Final output and sharpening.


DAY 2: Saturday 24th November
09:00 – 19:00

  4. Q&A


The last day is the practice day, you will get to apply your new learnt skills. Natalia will give a brief overview of the steps you should be applying an order of process, but this time you follow her steps at your workstation reproducing her workflow using the images you shot on day three. Select a colour palette for your image and make the raw conversion.


Natalia Taffarel Retouching Masterclass


Colour Grading
Create the folders to keep the workflow organised.
Work on texture, colour corrections and D&B
Natalia oversees each step so she can advise you on any necessary corrections or if you’re doing it wrong, and how to correct things in your image. Next steps will be to Liquify and work on texture. This time two of your Mentors will be on hand walking between tables and workstations monitoring progress and available for questions.


Colour Corrections and D&B
As in the previous step, a Mentor will be on hand to assist and explain anything to ensure you have adopted the correct approach. For what should be a promising and rewarding section of the course, seeing all your hard work and dedication in a big beautiful large format print. This is not a full technical print and theory module, as studying print alone is a very in-depth course in its own right. However, we will be discussing ICC profiles and colour settings etc.


What Do I Need?

  • Laptop or Mac installed with Photoshop and a raw image converter – Capture One is recommended but you can also use Lightroom, Camera Raw or Bridge
  • Previous knowledge of photoshop layout, layers, adjusting layers, filters, masking 
  • Your own images


23 Nov 2018 @10:00
24 Nov 2018 @19:00
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