Eye Contact

This exhibition zooms in on the faces and eyes of our closest relatives, the other primates. They are highly intelligent, aware and empathic. And they have emotions very similar to ours and the same number of facial muscles to express their emotions with as we do. All this leads to an endless variety of facial ‘micro-expressions’, many recognizable, some quite alien. Not only does each species have its own characteristics, but each individual also has its own character. Capturing the unique personalities of primates in the wild has been the aim of Mogens Trolle’s photographic project “Primate Eye Contact”.

With a background as a zoologist and mammal researcher, Danish wildlife photographer Mogens Trolle has worked with and photographed animals for more than 25 years and on all seven continents. Since 2014 he has focused on primates and this has brought him on photographic trips to the jungles of Gabon, Uganda, Borneo, Sulawesi, Vietnam and India as well as the mountains of Ethiopia, China and Japan, the latter covered in deep snow. This selection of 26 portraits is the result of countless hours of sitting patiently and quietly close to primates in their natural habitat, documenting how their faces and eyes change expressions as they observe each other, interact or become introvert.

The images are made poignant when you learn that almost all of the primates depicted are endangered due to the habitat destruction and hunting. Mogens Trolle uses his portraits to shine a light on these species, many of which are not well known to the public.

PersonalityPOS MT 162 01$1,150.00
Vigilant motherPOS MT 162 02$550.00
The warriorPOS MT 162 03$550.00
Man of the forestPOS MT 162 04$550.00
King of the mountainsPOS MT 162 05$295.00
ExpressionPOS MT 162 06$295.00
The golden monkeyPOS MT 162 07$295.00
AnthropoidPOS MT 162 08$295.00
Lady of the forestPOS MT 162 09$295.00
Baring teethPOS MT 162 11$550.00
Pink warningPOS MT 162 12$550.00
Father carePOS MT 162 13$550.00
Catching snowflakesPOS MT 162 14$550.00
Maternal affectionPOS MT 162 15$550.00
ContemplationPOS MT 162 17$295.00
The little thinkerPOS MT 162 18$295.00
The zen monkeyPOS MT 162 19$550.00
The lipstick monkeyPOS MT 162 23$550.00
Silver manePOS MT 162 24$295.00
The grandmotherPOS MT 162 25$295.00
The alphaPOS MT 162 26$295.00

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