The Photo Ark

The Photo Ark uses the power of photography to inspire people to help save species at risk before it’s too late. Founder and photographer Joel Sartore has taken portraits of 12,000 species — and counting — in his quest to document our world’s astonishing diversity! He’s over half way to his goal of documenting all of the approximately 20,000 species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.

MandrillPOS JS 176 01
Brown-throated Three-toed SlothPOS JS 176 02
Edward’s Fig ParrotPOS JS 176 03
Bornean OrangutanPOS JS 176 04
Spectacled EidersPOS JS 176 05
Andean PorcupinePOS JS 176 06
White-bellied PangolinPOS JS 176 07
Horsfield's TarsierPOS JS 176 08
Budgett’s FrogPOS JS 176 09
Guianan Cock-of-the-rockPOS JS 176 10
Oblong-winged KatydidsPOS JS 176 11
Roanoke LogperchPOS JS 176 12
St. Andrew Beach MousePOS JS 176 13
Arabian CobraPOS JS 176 14

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