Arctic Wolves in a Warming World

Most wild wolves' imagery depicts them as afraid, at the longest end of a telephoto lens. At a distance. If your subject is scared, then your images will reflect their fear – your images won't be a true representation of that human or animal. In the High Arctic, with this family of Arctic wolves, these unafraid wolves act as though civilization doesn't exist. The focus of this series is on one particular pack of Arctic Wolves, known as the Polygon Pack. The name is derived from the series of polygon ponds near the den formed over thousands of years of the ground freezing and thawing to create the polygon shapes.

Unfortunately, civilization has jeopardised the future of these wolves as the Arctic warms from human-caused climate change. These images allow for a window into the day-to-day lives of what is normally an elusive social predator in hopes of connecting viewers to this imperilled ecosystem of the High Arctic.

Shaped by IcePOS RD 180 01$1,250.00
Braided Wild River of the Arctic POS RD 180 02$850.00
Pack Rally With Full Bellies POS RD 180 03$850.00
The Beginning of a Long HuntPOS RD 180 04$1,250.00
The Pups of the Polygon Wolf PackPOS RD 180 05$850.00
The Patriarch at PlayPOS RD 180 06$850.00
Mother Greets Her Pup POS RD 180 07$850.00
Hunger Propels ThemPOS RD 180 08$850.00
One Eye on the MovePOS RD 180 09$850.00
Learning to HuntPOS RD 180 10$850.00
The Standoff POS RD 180 11$850.00
The Dance Between Predator and Prey POS RD 180 12$850.00
Tundra Palette of Muskoxen POS RD 180 13$850.00
The Final Struggle POS RD 180 14$850.00
The Feast Commences POS RD 180 15$1,250.00
When a Pup Becomes a WolfPOS RD 180 16$850.00
Nothing Wasted POS RD 180 17$850.00
A Formidable LinePOS RD 180 18$850.00
Decision TimePOS RD 180 19$850.00
Sunrise MealPOS RD 180 20$1,250.00
Sisters HowlPOS RD 180 21$850.00
The Quiet TimePOS RD 180 22$850.00

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