Wildlife in Crisis

Globally, animals are being eaten, exported and exploited to the brink of extinction. They are kept illegal as pets or imprisoned for use in the Wildlife Tourism industry. Others are consumed unsustainably or traded for their body parts.

Due to the actions of Mankind, we have lost two-thirds of the planet's wildlife in the past 50 years alone. Our great oceans, savannahs and rainforests have been depleted and degraded beyond recognition.

Aaron Gekoski is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist who has spent more than a decade documenting human-animal conflict. His work has won top awards and featured extensively in the global press, creating significant awareness around the plight of wildlife.

Mozambique's Last SharksPOS AG 181 01$2,000.00
End of the LinePOS AG 181 02$1,500.00
Too Goat to be TruePOS AG 181 03$1,500.00
Palm Oil PlaytimePOS AG 181 04$1,500.00
FlooredPOS AG 181 05$1.00
RomeoPOS AG 181 06$1,500.00
Eyes of the OrangutanPOS AG 181 07$2,000.00
Breakfast BluesPOS AG 181 08$1,500.00
Show StoppingPOS AG 181 09
The Burn DoctorPOS AG 181 10
TapedPOS AG 181 11
The Snake HunterPOS AG 181 12
Snakes for SalePOS AG 181 13
Pick 'n' Mix PetsPOS AG 181 14
Mosaic of DeathPOS AG 181 15
Pet CemeteryPOS AG 181 16
Life on a ChainPOS AG 181 17
Dog's DinnerPOS AG 181 18
My Life as a Voodoo TraderPOS AG 181 19$1,499.96
Life Amongst the DeadPOS AG 181 20$1,500.00
Chain ReactionPOS AG 181 21
Cambodia's Hero RatsPOS AG 181 22$1,500.00
Being PlayedPOS AG 181 23
The Cat LadyPOS AG 181 24

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