Call of the Cold

An in-depth look at a region of the planet that is at the heart of climate change.

Against a backdrop of climatic upheavals, this photographer bears witness to a world that is changing, offering us a positive and honest look at this sensitive and fragile white universe that echoes current environmental concerns. Through these images, his intent is not to condemn or to stigmatize a situation, but to provide a passionate and positive look.
"Share my love of the poles," says Michel Rawicki. "Raise awareness as to the fact that the conservation of this fragile immense space concerns each and every one of us on a daily basis."
A bright and positive message in the 21st century that is not without its tension.

«The "Call of the Cold" that Michel Rawicki answers so often is also the call that we ourselves answer: attracted by a vast world waiting to be discovered. And in these worlds, we find fleeting masterpieces made of ice, fascinating wildlife, and mythical people.
The Arctic's wild and harsh nature that Michel Rawicki reveals to us is, like all the other environments on our planet, home to a life that is capable of taking hold anywhere.»

- Hubert Reeves - Astrophysicist and Honorary President of Humanité & Biodiversité

Born in 1950, Michel Rawicki first discovered photography in 1968, and the year after, he produced his first features in Paris. These were then soon to be followed by his studio years, from 1973 to 1988, devoted to still life, décoration, and portraits. In 1993, Michel Rawicki's discovery of the poles transformed his photographic journey once and for all. His photographs, which were imbued with an aesthetic and graphic approach, naturally started to take on an ethical and contemplative dimension, which gradually changed his view and his approach to photographing this sensitive environment.

Nanuk, Lord of The Arctic

Polar Bears

Polar Bears IPOS MR 182 01$4,000.00
Polar Bears IIIPOS MR 182 03$3,000.00
Polar Bears IVPOS MR 182 04$4,000.00
Polar Bears VIIIPOS MR 182 08$3,000.00
Polar Bears IXPOS MR 182 09$4,000.00
Polar Bears XIIPOS MR 182 12$3,000.00
Polar Bears XIIIPOS MR 182 13$3,000.00
Polar Bears XIVPOS MR 182 14$3,000.00
Polar Bears XVIPOS MR 182 16$3,000.00

Ephemeral Sculpture I & II

From Iceberg To Eternity & Lake Baikal Diamonds

Iceberg To Eternity IPOS MR 182 17$2,800.00
Iceberg To Eternity IIPOS MR 182 18$2,800.00
Iceberg To Eternity IIIPOS MR 182 19$3,300.00
Iceberg To Eternity IVPOS MR 182 20$2,800.00
Iceberg To Eternity VPOS MR 182 21$3,300.00
Lake Baikal Diamonds IPOS MR 182 22$2,800.00
Lake Baikal Diamonds IIPOS MR 182 23$2,800.00
Lake Baikal Diamonds IIIPOS MR 182 24$3,300.00
Lake Baikal Diamonds IVPOS MR 182 25$2,800.00
Lake Baikal Diamonds VPOS MR 182 26$2,800.00

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