These photographs, distilled from a lifetime of work, reveal the precision of Chris Rainier's vision, the breadth of his imagination and the reach of his spirit as expansive and all-embracing as the many worlds through which he has travelled.

Ever since the dawn of human civilization, mankind has been in search of the sacred and a profound connection to the spiritual world. For countless traditional cultures around the planet, the dancing of the mask allows the performers and their audience to create a powerful relationship to a meaningful sense of the sacred.

While masks have been hung in the great museums of the world, they are all too often separated from their context and meaning. Chris’s mission has been to bring the masks back to life. His powerful images bring out their deep spiritual meaning and each of the masks is shown in the world in which it is worshipped and understood. They are profoundly alive and intensely powerful. Chris’s images truly reveal how the masks still dance.

This exhibition collection is selected from the full archive of over 150 images that can be found in the MASK book on sale in the bookshop.

Tlingit Raven Mask DancerPOS CR 184 01
Haymen Krampus MaskPOS CR 184 02
Naga Raksha MaskPOS CR 184 03
Bull MaskPOS CR 184 04
Buddist Bhutan MaskPOS CR 184 05
Butterfly MaskPOS CR 184 06
MudmenPOS CR 184 07
Ancient Temple and RootsPOS CR 184 08
Nazca LinesPOS CR 184 09
Deer MasksPOS CR 184 10
Buddhist Skeleton MasksPOS CR 184 11
Sun MaskPOS CR 184 12
Dogon MaskPOS CR 184 13
Tatanua MaskPOS CR 184 14
Three womenPOS CR 184 15
Abelam Baba MaskPOS CR 184 16
Free WindPOS CR 184 17
Mosque and ManPOS CR 184 18
Buddhist MaskPOS CR 184 19
Leaf MasksPOS CR 184 20
Nuns exiting ShrinePOS CR 184 21
Raven MaskPOS CR 184 22
Theyyam Performance MaskPOS CR 184 23
Orca MaskPOS CR 184 24

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