Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay

January 11, 2021, marks the 19th anniversary of the opening of the first “War on Terror” prison at the United States Naval Station in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Conceptual documentary artist and former civil-rights lawyer Debi Cornwall’s exhibition plumbs the familiar in this state of exception, marrying empathy and dark humour with systemic critique.

Welcome to Camp America investigates the human experience of Gitmo for both prisoners and guards, through their residential and leisure spaces (“Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play” series) and gift-shop souvenirs (“Gitmo on Sale” series). Of the 780 men held since its prisons opened, the vast majority has been cleared and released, returning home or transferred to third countries where they may not speak the language. In the “Beyond Gitmo series,” Cornwall collaborates with 14 former prisoners in nine countries, from Albania to Qatar, plus a former guard, to make environmental portraits. Each portrait is made as if the released man were still held at Guantánamo Bay, subject to the military’s “no faces” rule.

Kiddie PoolPOS DC 197 01$5,600.00
Liberty Center Band RoomPOS DC 197 02$4,400.00
Prayer Rug with Arrow to Mecca, Camp EchoPOS DC 197 03$5,600.00
Comfort Items, Camp 5POS DC 197 04$5,600.00
Detainee Hospital RoomPOS DC 197 05$4,400.00
Recreation Pen, Camp EchoPOS DC 197 07$5,600.00
Compliant Detainee Media RoomPOS DC 197 08$4,900.00
On Windmill BeachPOS DC 197 09$4,400.00
Barracks MopsPOS DC 197 10$4,400.00
Seaside GalleyPOS DC 197 11$4,400.00
Djamel, Berber (Algeria)POS DC 197 12$4,400.00
Anonymous, Chinese Uighur (Albania)POS DC 197 13$4,400.00
Hussein, Yemeni (Slovakia)POS DC 197 14$4,900.00
Sami, Sudanese (Qatar)POS DC 197 15$4,400.00
Murat, Turkish German (Germany)POS DC 197 16$4,400.00
Mourad, French Algerian (France)POS DC 197 17$4,400.00
Mamdouh, Egyptian Australian (Egypt)POS DC 197 18$4,400.00
Hamza, Tunisian (Slovakia)POS DC 197 19$4,400.00
Rustam, Uzbek (Ireland)POS DC 197 20$4,400.00
Toddler Tee ($7.99)POS DC 197 21$3,300.00
Fidel Bobblehead ($20)POS DC 197 22$3,300.00
Turkey Vulture ($11.99)POS DC 197 23$3,300.00
Crop Tee ($9.99 with Teddy Bear)POS DC 197 24$3,300.00
JTF Camp X-Ray Mug ($7.99)POS DC 197 25$3,300.00
Rasta Iguana ($4.99)POS DC 197 26$3,300.00
Humane Restraint Padded Leather Leg Irons ($142.50)POS DC 197 27$3,300.00
High Top Velcro-Bobs Shoes, Black ($8.59/pair)POS DC 197 28$3,300.00
Inmate Shirt and Trousers, Orange ($21.95 & $26.95) POS DC 197 29$3,300.00

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