If you’d have told me in March 2020 that I would spend the next 17 months ‘stuck’ in Indonesia, well, I simply wouldn’t have believed you.

As the pandemic strengthened its grip on life as I knew it, I watched my largely travel-focused world turn upside down.

Seeking out and documenting alternative perspectives of the country I now called home was my mental escape from it all, and to my surprise turned out to be the most rewarding year and a half of my creative journey yet.

It also goes without saying that I met some truly incredible people along the way, and was welcomed with open arms wherever I went. If there’s anything you can count on while exploring Indonesia, it’s the hospitality and warm smiles that’ll meet you at every turn.

The photos displayed in this collection show the diversity of life found within the islands of Bali, Java, and Sumbawa, and leave me wondering what else I may encounter during the years of exploring I have to come.

Lenticular Cloud (1/3)POS JH 200 01
Lenticular Cloud (3/3)POS JH 200 02
Salt Farming (1/3)POS JH 200 03
Seaweed Farming (3/3)POS JH 200 06
Salt Farming (3/3)POS JH 200 07
Lenticular Cloud (2/3)POS JH 200 08
Sumbawanese Islands (2/3)POS JH 200 09
Morning Commute (2/3)POS JH 200 10
Morning Commute (1/3)POS JH 200 11
Sumbawanese Islands (1/3)POS JH 200 12
Morning Commute (3/3)POS JH 200 13
Rice Farming (1/3)POS JH 200 14
Rice Farming (2/3)POS JH 200 15
Salt Farming (2/3)POS JH 200 16
Marigold Farming (2/3)POS JH 200 17
Rice Farming (3/3)POS JH 200 18
Sumbawanese Islands (3/3)POS JH 200 19
Marigold Farming (1/3)POS JH 200 20
Marigold Farming (2/3)POS JH 200 21
Karangasem (3/3)POS JH 200 22
Karangasem (2/3)POS JH 200 23
Karangasem (1/3)POS JH 200 24

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