Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

Iurie Belegurschi’s photographic mission is to inspire global action dedicated to fighting the climate crisis, driven by his first-hand experiences witnessing the retreat of Iceland’s glaciers. Through his documentation of the fragility and majesty of the environment, he seeks to educate his audience on their role in the protection of our magnificent planet.

By collaborating with scientists, conservationists, and other artists, this mission gains strength with every image he develops.

Iurie’s message has perhaps been most impactful through his acclaimed photography exhibitions of Iceland’s nature, which have been excellently received both domestically and abroad. Such showcases of his incredible portfolio have proved his excellence as a visual storyteller, spellbinding audiences with both the striking beauty of his photographs and their impactful, poignant narratives.

Ice CastlePOS IB 241 01$4,600.00
Crystal Ice CavePOS IB 241 02$2,900.00
Waterfall CavePOS IB 241 03$2,900.00
Under The Frozen OceanPOS IB 241 04$2,900.00
The Fortress of SolitudePOS IB 241 05$2,900.00
River MoodsPOS IB 241 06$2,900.00
Last FlowPOS IB 241 07$2,900.00
MeltwaterPOS IB 241 08$4,600.00
Azure WatersPOS IB 241 09$2,900.00
Forest of WaterwaysPOS IB 241 10$2,900.00
Emerald PoolPOS IB 241 11$2,900.00
Waterfall of the GodsPOS IB 241 12$2,900.00
Red SailsPOS IB 241 13$2,900.00
Atlantic BreathPOS IB 241 14$2,900.00
FrozenPOS IB 241 15$2,900.00
The Eye of the EarthPOS IB 241 16$2,900.00
InceptionPOS IB 241 17$2,900.00
Magma CanvasPOS IB 241 18$2,900.00
Midnight VolcanoPOS IB 241 19$2,900.00
Eye of SauronPOS IB 241 20$2,900.00
Awakening of KrakenPOS IB 241 21$2,900.00
Earth's ArtPOS IB 241 22$4,600.00

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