New Abstraction

An exhibition of recent large-scale architectural abstract photographs from Prokos's award-winning series 'Metropolis Abstracted' and 'Inverted'.


Andrew Prokos's Inverted is an experimental photography series inspired by the fascinating modernist, futuristic and contemporary architecture of the United Arab Emirates. Through the use of negative imagery, the series portrays an architectural wonderland of bold color fields, abstraction, and close-up views which give us just a glimpse of the inhabitants' lives. Inverting the scene distances the viewer from reality, placing them in an alternate space free from the confines of their own perception. Inverted was awarded a silver medal at the 2020 International Photography Awards, and has been published at CNN Arabic, DesignBoom, Harper's Bazaar Art and other publications. Large-scale framed photographs from Inverted are available in print sizes up to 90 inches.

Inverted - Circle FacadePOS AP 247 01$11,750.00
Inverted - Sheikh Zayed Road Giants #2POS AP 247 02$11,250.00
Inverted - Mesh FacadePOS AP 247 03$12,250.00
Inverted - Dome Nexus #1POS AP 247 04$11,250.00
Inverted - Linear Facade #1POS AP 247 05$4,500.00
Inverted - Arabesque FacadePOS AP 247 06$4,500.00
Inverted - ZigZag FacadePOS AP 247 07$4,500.00
Inverted - Spiral FacadePOS AP 247 08$4,500.00
Inverted - Dubai Reflections #1POS AP 247 09$4,500.00

Metropolis Abstracted

Metropolis Abstracted is an ongoing series of which incorporate elements of contemporary architecture such as close-up views of facades, building details and reflections on the glass. Each abstraction is composed of one unique image, which through the process of reflection reveals an intrinsic geometry. The basic premise is to use the simplest means possible to create images that both engage the viewer and provide a springboard for their own imagination. Metropolis Abstracted was a winning Jury selection at American Photography 37 in 2020. Large-scale limited edition photographs from Metropolis Abstracted are available in print sizes up to 80 inches.

Metropolis Abstracted #3POS AP 247 10$11,750.00
Metropolis Abstracted #2POS AP 247 11$11,750.00
Metropolis Abstracted #4POS AP 247 12$11,750.00
Metropolis Abstracted #11POS AP 247 13$11,750.00
Metropolis Abstracted #5POS AP 247 14$11,750.00
Metropolis Abstracted #22POS AP 247 15$11,750.00
Metropolis Abstracted #12POS AP 247 16$11,750.00
Metropolis Abstracted #10POS AP 247 17$11,750.00

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