Life and War

Whenever there is a war there is a life next to it, whenever there is a funeral on the right there is a baby just being born on the left.

Half of my life I have been traveling the world with my camera to document stories and events that matter, stories of hope, resilience and survival. It is like a smile in the middle of the rubble and this is the theme that I have been working on for more than a decade and a half. When the news was right in front of me, I would just turn around and witness a total different scene, a scene full of life instead of death.

“Life and War”, is a selection of images that spans over a decade and a half, that shows the war, the destruction, the human misery and the resilience of those who got caught in the middle of it, as even in the middle of the conflict, life never stops but keeps going.

The Burning Humvee POS MM 258 01$10,000.00
The Protestor POS MM 258 02$10,000.00
Desperation POS MM 258 03$10,000.00
Deadly ClashesPOS MM 258 04
The Last Farewell POS MM 258 05
Raining Gas POS MM 258 06$10,000.00
A Wounded Comrade POS MM 258 07
The GunnersPOS MM 258 08
Scary PlayPOS MM 258 09$10,000.00
An Exhausted Fighter POS MM 258 10$10,000.00
Moments of FearPOS MM 258 11
Father and Daughter POS MM 258 12$10,000.00
Fire!POS MM 258 13
Rays of Hope POS MM 258 14$10,000.00
Inside the Frame POS MM 258 15$10,000.00
Holds OntoPOS MM 258 16$10,000.00
Their Loved OnesPOS MM 258 17$10,000.00
The Pediatric Intensive Care Room POS MM 258 18$10,000.00
The Field Hospital POS MM 258 19
Grandma's Love POS MM 258 20$10,000.00
Caught in the StormPOS MM 258 21$10,000.00
Election Day POS MM 258 22$10,000.00
From Above POS MM 258 23$10,000.00
Tahrir Square POS MM 258 24$10,000.00

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