Our Water Planet

Earth is a water planet. Life exists both above and below the surface because water and its depths remain as mysterious as Mars. We look into the night sky to ponder the existence of other alien life forms.

Truly extraordinary life forms share this planet with us, just beneath the surface and beyond our vision. From ponds to the Pacific to the Polar ice, our waters are an ocean-sized ark of life.

Water and LightPOS JH 259 01$1,875.00
Reef and Rainforest, Raja Ampat, IndonesiaPOS JH 259 02$1,875.00
Partners In The Sea, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Palawan, Philippines. POS JH 259 03$2,350.00
Coral Billboard, Raja Ampat, IndonesiaPOS JH 259 04$1,875.00
About to Ambush, Sumilon Island, PhilippinesPOS JH 259 05$1,875.00
A Night Sea: The Cowfish, IndonesiaPOS JH 259 06$1,875.00
A Night Sea: Painting Squid, Raja Ampat, IndonesiaPOS JH 259 07$1,875.00
A Night Sea: Ride Sharing, Anilao, PhilippinesPOS JH 259 08$2,350.00
Coral Hope: Survivor Corals, Moore Reef, Great Barrier ReefPOS JH 259 09$1,875.00
Coral Hope: Next Generation Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia POS JH 259 10$1,875.00
Gardens of the Queen, Cuba: An Ocean Museum POS JH 259 11$1,875.00
Gardens of the Queen, Cuba: Reptile EngineersPOS JH 259 12$1,875.00
Gardens of the Queen, Cuba: Shark ReefPOS JH 259 13$2,350.00
Snorkeling Elephant, Okavango Delta, Botswana POS JH 259 14$1,875.00
Sturgeon Gathering: St. Lawrence River, New York, USAPOS JH 259 15$1,875.00
Seven Thousand Sturgeon, St. Lawrence River, NY, USA. POS JH 259 16$1,875.00
Mako Sharks, Vigo Fish Market, SpainPOS JH 259 17$1,875.00
Shark Tourism, Oslob, PhilippinesPOS JH 259 18$1,875.00
Iceberg Garden, East GreenlandPOS JH 259 19$1,875.00
The Harp Seal Nursery: Seeking Shelter, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. POS JH 259 20$1,875.00
The Harp Seal Nursery: Mother and Pup, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada POS JH 259 21$1,875.00
The Harp Seal Nursery: Kiss of Recognition, Gulf of St. Lawrence POS JH 259 22$1,875.00
Harp Seal Nursery: Looking for Its Mother, Gulf of St. Lawrence, CanadaPOS JH 259 23$2,350.00
The Harp Seal Nursery: A Mother's Comfort, Gulf of St. Lawrence, CanadaPOS JH 259 24$1,875.00
The Harp Seal Nursery: After The Storm, Gulf of St. LawrencePOS JH 259 25$1,875.00

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