Two Worlds: Above and Below The Sea

This exhibition is about the largest, most important border on our planet, the surface of the sea.
We live on a planet that is really two different worlds, one we know and live within and the other largely unknown world that is 71% of our planet. I became obsessed with making pictures that capture the world above and below in a single moment on every assignment. These half and half images or above and below pictures are my favourite, most challenging images to make and a way for me to share the essence of that place. My goal is simple: to connect people to the sea. The images are a portal and you are invited. As the oceans go so do we.

Stingray and Sailboat, North Sound, Grand Cayman IslandPOS DD 263 01$1,450.00
Storytelling, Stingrays and ConservationPOS DD 263 02$1,450.00
Crabeater Seal, Anvers Island Antarctica POS DD 263 03$2,250.00
Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins, Danco Island, AntarcticaPOS DD 263 04$1,450.00
Penguin Play, Danco Island, AntarcticaPOS DD 263 05
Southern Giant Petrel, Hercules Bay, South Georgia POS DD 263 06$1,450.00
Lemon Sharks, Bahama Banks, Commonwealth of BahamasPOS DD 263 07$1,450.00
Night Encounter, Gardens of the Queen, CubaPOS DD 263 08$2,250.00
Nxamasere Channel, Okavango Delta, BotswanaPOS DD 263 09$1,450.00
The Edge, Fakarava Atoll, French PolynesiaPOS DD 263 10$1,450.00
Opal Reef, Great Barrier Reef, QueenslandPOS DD 263 11$1,450.00
Double-Header Wrasse, Lord Howe Island, Australia POS DD 263 12
Swimming For The Open Sea, Marutea Atoll, French PolynesiaPOS DD 263 13$2,250.00
Tumon Bay Guam 2005, Before Coral Bleaching Events POS DD 263 14$1,450.00
Tumon Bay Guam 2017, After Coral BleachingPOS DD 263 15$1,450.00
In the Coral Triangle: Papuan Fisherman, Raja Ampat IndonesiaPOS DD 263 16$1,450.00
In The Coral Triangle: Raja Ampat, IndonesiaPOS DD 263 17$1,450.00
In The Coral Triangle: Kimbe Bay, Papua New GuineaPOS DD 263 18$2,250.00
In The Coral Triangle: Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, PhilippinesPOS DD 263 19$1,450.00
The Basement Of Time, Western Brook Pond, NewfoundlandPOS DD 263 20$1,450.00
Lions Mane Jellyfish, Bonne Bay Fjord, NewfoundlandPOS DD 263 21$1,450.00
Inside a Herring Trap, Belle Isle Strait, Newfoundland, CanadaPOS DD 263 22$1,450.00
Harp Seal Pup, Gulf of St. Lawrence, CanadaPOS DD 263 23$2,250.00
Iceberg, Melville Bay, West GreenlandPOS DD 263 24$1,450.00
Grounded Iceberg, Blanley Bay, Nunuvut, CanadaPOS DD 263 25$1,450.00

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