PSA Omnibus

The exhibition on display features works from The Photographic Society of America (PSA) local chapter members along with a few international members. PSA is a worldwide organization providing abundant resources for photographers, from the novice to the professional. PSA offers online learning, webinars, study groups, competitions, mentors, and consultants. As one of the leaders among all photographic organizations, Photographic Society of America Worldwide includes 82 countries and over 5,000 members.

PSA was founded in 1934 when the Associated Camera Clubs of America (ACCA), founded in 1919, established an Organizing Committee, decided to enrol individual members, and passed a resolution to change the name of ACCA to the Photographic Society of America (PSA). An outline of the events leading to the founding of PSA was prepared by Tony Patti, HonPSA, FPSA, and a chronology of PSA history were prepared by Elena McTighe, APSA, PPSA. Clemont Carol is the country Membership Director for the United Arab Emirates Chapter.

Hope to LifePOS PA 269 01
Dead and almost deadPOS PA 269 02
Drying River IIPOS PA 269 03
Nature Bleeding due to Cooper Mining WastePOS PA 269 04
Carrying SandPOS PA 269 05
Dead or AlivePOS PA 269 06
The Last TrainPOS PA 269 07
Charcoal WorkerPOS PA 269 08
Charcoal Burner's HomePOS PA 269 09
Learning TogetherPOS PA 269 10
Making IslandsPOS PA 269 11
TrappedPOS PA 269 12
Spinal AnesthesiaPOS PA 269 13
Doctor LifePOS PA 269 14
HelloPOS PA 269 15
RaburcuPOS PA 269 16
Dentist in PandemicPOS PA 269 17
SonucPOS PA 269 18
Mt Krakatoa EruptionPOS PA 269 19
HawaiiPOS PA 269 20
Dusty Mount Bromo EruptionPOS PA 269 21
DesolationPOS PA 269 22
Mt Bromo EruptionPOS PA 269 23
Roots and Slaughter housePOS PA 269 24

Xposure hosts solo exhibition spaces for acclaimed photographers along with group exhibitions for professional institutions. All exhibiting photographers will be present during the festival, enabling you the opportunity to meet and talk to them about their work.