Uncluttered Sobriety II

The second in the series "Uncluttered Sobriety", features fine art photographs that were created on the basis of the artist's imaginary visualization: Essence, with style and sobriety.

Original angles, uncluttered outlines, and powerful contrasts form the mystery and magic of Sajin Sasidharan's contemplative, simple scenes that feature dramatic lighting, textured details, perfect symmetry, and crisp reflections.

By using strong contrast in the minimalist scenes Sasidharan achieves an expressive clarity that reveals the incredible details of his Architecture that stir up an emotional response from the viewer.
He finds quiet moments and gives them powerful energy through his lens that captures a fleeting illusion dividing almost infinite past and future.

The Inner CirclePOS SS 271 01$2,500.00
Contest of LightPOS SS 271 02$1,500.00
Voluptuous PhantasmPOS SS 271 03$1,750.00
Beyond HereafterPOS SS 271 04$1,500.00
Ceiling ZeroPOS SS 271 05$1,750.00
Infinite BandingPOS SS 271 06$1,750.00
ArchitectonicsPOS SS 271 07$1,750.00
WisdomPOS SS 271 08$1,500.00
ExtraterrestrialPOS SS 271 09$1,950.00
Aspiring ConstitutionPOS SS 271 10$1,500.00
Metropolitan POS SS 271 11$1,500.00
Reflected ParaphrasePOS SS 271 12$1,500.00
Into the LightPOS SS 271 13$1,500.00
InconspicuousPOS SS 271 14$1,500.00
Pinnacle of LightPOS SS 271 15$1,500.00
The City in CloudsPOS SS 271 16$1,500.00
CrossPOS SS 271 17$1,500.00
CosmopolitanismPOS SS 271 18$1,500.00
AcropolisPOS SS 271 19$1,500.00

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