Inside the war on ISIS

"Inside the war on ISIS" is a photo anthology from Iraq and Syria along the timeline from 2016 until 2021. The exhibits forming this exhibition show the destruction and humanitarian tragedy that the war against ISIS brought to these regions and the impact that it has had on so many lives until this day.

Starting in Bashiqa frontlines that edges of the city of Mosul where Kurdish Peshmerga, whose name translates as " those who face death" are the Kurdish armed forces of Iraqi Kurdistan became important allies of the United States and its international partners playing a significant role in defeating Islamic State in Northern Iraq.

Continuing to the battle in Mosul that was the major military campaign launched by the Iraqi Government forces and international allies to retake Mosul from Islamic State in October 2016 that lasted until July 2017. The battle in Mosul was considered the toughest urban warfare since WWII. In the time that the operation was launched up to one million and a half civilians were still living in the city.

After the fall of Mosul, the Syrian government region of Deir Ez-Zor became the last stronghold of Islamic State where in the year of 2019, the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) that are military-led by YPG (so-called The people's Protection Units) fully defeats ISIL territorial control of Euphrates River. Thousands of Foreign ISIS fighters were located in this area and in the time of the fight for Baghuz city, most of them flee to the desert, where they were captured by the American army and the male fighters were sent to the prisons in Syria and women's with their children were sent to the refugee camps where most of them remain until today.

But until today, both regions, Iraq and Syria, are facing daily attacks of the Islamic State on civilians and their military forces.

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