Sharjah: 50 Golden Years

50 years ago, in 1972, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi began his rule over Sharjah, allowing the Emirate to progress and prosper. Sharjah kept a strong pace in progressing and urbanizing, developing and prospering, and it set foot in becoming one of the most important and influential Arab cities that adopted culture not just as a standard that measures its cultural achievements, but as an approach to life. His Highness kept an open eye to the development of his Emirate and payed special care for areas such as education, social, cultural, industrial, and urbanism development of the Emirate, which led to the Sharjah that we know of today.

This gallery presents to you Sharjah’s prosperity that has continued according to a well-thought-out scheme put out by His Highness. It is based on a detailed study of its urban planning, and it is a witness to its ongoing architectural works that are modernizing simultaneously with the development of the emirate. Buildings are now rising high where they used to be plain barren desert lands 50 years back. It has been 50 golden years.

Al Rabi TowerPOS MA 284 02 A
Al Rabi Tower 1970sPOS MA 284 02 B
Kalba Mangroves POS MA 284 03 A
Old Image of Kalba Mangroves POS MA 284 03 B
Khorfakkan BeachPOS MA 284 04 A
Khorfakkan Beach in the 1980sPOS MA 284 04 B
Al Arouba StreetPOS MA 284 05 A
Al Arouba Street 1968POS MA 284 05 B
Al Rolla Square ParkPOS MA 284 06 A
Al Rolla Square Park in 1985POS MA 284 06 B
Sharjah SouqPOS MA 284 07 A
Sharjah Souq in 1969POS MA 284 07 B
The Cultural SquarePOS MA 284 08 A
The Cultural Square in the 1980sPOS MA 284 08 B
The Flying SaucerPOS MA 284 09 A
The Flying Saucer in the 1980sPOS MA 284 09 B
Smile you are in SharjahPOS MA 284 10 A
Smile you are in Sharjah in the 1980sPOS MA 284 10 B
The Islamic Museum, Sharjah CornichePOS MA 284 11 A
Sharjah Corniche in the late 1960sPOS MA 284 11 B
Sharjah CornichePOS MA 284 12 A
Sharjah Corniche in the late 1960sPOS MA 284 12 B
Sharjah Central PostPOS MA 284 13 A
Sharjah Central Post in the 1980sPOS MA 284 13 B
The Central SouqPOS MA 284 14 A
The Central Souq in the 1980sPOS MA 284 14 B
Sharjah Expo CenterPOS MA 284 15 A
Sharjah Expo Center in the 1980sPOS MA 284 15 B
Al Zahra SquarePOS MA 284 16 A
Al Zahra Square in the 1970sPOS MA 284 16 B
Kuwait SquarePOS MA 284 17 A
Kuwait Square in the 1990sPOS MA 284 17 B
Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn)POS MA 284 18 A
Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn) in the 1950sPOS MA 284 18 B

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