Ocean Mysteries

The great depths are the distant planets of a neighbouring galaxy. 100, 120, 140 meters, these distances are derisory and impassable at the same time. This universe is neither near nor far, it is elsewhere. For Laurent Ballesta, to reach it is to join a parallel world: in the twilight of still virgin spaces, life is dazzling. Where few divers venture, are places that seem to resist destruction and extinction. From the depths of South Africa that are home to the coelacanth, to the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean, this is a journey through the last refuges of all the exiled from an ocean under pressure. Closer to the surface, the ballet of the 700 sharks of Fakarava and the mysterious lights of Antarctica remind us that the preserved places are like oases in the desert, populated by creatures that we think we know and that can still amaze and surprise us. Here are the portraits of these strangers on borrowed time, the landscapes of these territories in danger. More than a new world, it is another planet, unknown and mysterious.

The Sabella fieldPOS LB 286 01
The Swallowtail seapeach bouquetPOS LB 286 02
The social network of the narwal shripsPOS LB 286 03
The mating of the veined squidsPOS LB 286 04
Aliens do exist but they are not Martians. They are Mediterranean.POS LB 286 05
The Natal POS LB 286 06
The antique wreck of Port MiouPOS LB 286 07
Somewhere on the French RivieraPOS LB 286 08
Reaching the coelacanth universePOS LB 286 09
Face to face with a legendPOS LB 286 10
The luminescent jellyfish and its amphipodsPOS LB 286 11
A door through the ice floe POS LB 286 12
Mother and calf under the icePOS LB 286 13
The most tender gazePOS LB 286 14
The emperor penguinPOS LB 286 15
The hidden face of the icebergPOS LB 286 16
On the iceberg's wallsPOS LB 286 17
Under the chaos of the ice floePOS LB 286 18
Hide and seek in the maze of icePOS LB 286 19
CreationPOS LB 286 20
Predators of the spawningPOS LB 286 21
The pack of 700 sharksPOS LB 286 22
Every man for himselfPOS LB 286 23
FireworksPOS LB 286 24

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