The Untouched Beauty of Kyrgyzstan

Ever since I visited Kyrgyzstan for the first time, I have been in love with the country. Kyrgyzstan has the most beautiful diversity of landscapes: Incredible mountains that cover 95% of the country, spectacular canyons, crystal clear lakes, lush green valleys and beautiful forests. But not only the landscapes caught my eye: Kyrgyzstan has a beautiful culture with very welcoming people. And last but not least: My fiancee deserves all the credit for all this exhibition's photographs. It was because of her that I discovered the beauty of this place.

There is something special about Kyrgyzstan. It's because it's 'real' and untouched. Sometimes you feel like you are going back in time. Most of the photographs in this exhibition were taken with almost nobody around, except maybe some local shepherds. Sometimes we drove many hours or even days to get to a location. It's beautiful to experience the true feeling of remote nature without any kind of phone or internet connection. I have many stories to tell. You can read them under some of the photos in this exhibition.

In this exhibition, I aim to show the beauty of Kyrgyzstan. I've visited the country many times over the years and explored different areas every time. Some places that had never been photographed before are now popular (local) tourist hot spots simply because of me and my local friends. I was granted a certificate by the Kyrgyz Minister of Tourism in 2020 as a thank you for promoting beauty and tourism in the country. My photos of Kyrgyzstan are popular worldwide and have been featured by Lonely Planet, CNN, BBC & many more.

Special thanks to Timur & Team at Visit Karakol. Ever since my first visit, we have become good friends. We share a passion for exploring new places in Kyrgyzstan, and we do so every time we visit.

Valley of DreamsPOS AD 290 01
Altyn-ArashanPOS AD 290 02
SummerPOS AD 290 03
Ala-KulPOS AD 290 04
Tree of WisdomPOS AD 290 05
The Young ShepherdPOS AD 290 06
SkazkaPOS AD 290 07
VeignsPOS AD 290 08
Karakol PeakPOS AD 290 09
Canyon of Forgotten RiversPOS AD 290 10
NightfallPOS AD 290 11
Kyzyl-AskerPOS AD 290 12
StormsPOS AD 290 13
Khan Tengri POS AD 290 14
Kokkiya ValleyPOS AD 290 15
Touch of LightPOS AD 290 16
Song-KulPOS AD 290 17
Ala-ArchaPOS AD 290 18
Growing UpPOS AD 290 19
The Lone ShepherdPOS AD 290 20
ArslanbobPOS AD 290 21
WinterPOS AD 290 22
SnowstormPOS AD 290 23
Bird's EyePOS AD 290 24

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