To Live with the Sea

This collection of images is drawn from an ongoing body of work that explores how coastal communities in the Global South are confronting the challenges of the 21st century. It looks at several traditional fishing communities who have lived off the ocean sustainably for generations, but whose ways of life are now under threat from industrial overfishing, warming oceans and habitat destruction, among other things.

Roughly ten percent of the world’s population relies on the sea both for protein sources and livelihoods, the vast majority of them in the developing world.

These images were shot in seven different countries, but the project has four main sections. In Indonesia it looks at how the Bajau people are navigating the challenges and opportunities of settled village life after generations of living as "sea nomads" onboard their boats in the coral triangle. In Zanzibar, it explores how farming seaweed and sea-sponges offers an alternative to less sustainable forms of marine exploitation. In Sierra Leone it offers a glimpse into the lives of a beleaguered coastal people in a nation that relies on the sea for some 80% of its protein. And in Madagascar it looks at a pioneering locally run marine protected area where several marginalised communities have come together to protect the ocean and safeguard their way of life for future generations.

The project is in part a clarion call for action amid the ongoing destruction of our oceans, but it is also a celebration of resilient communities with proud traditions and a deep bond with the ocean who are, one way or another, finding a way to keep going.

DaydreamerPOS TT 297 01$4,200.00
Mama JumaPOS TT 297 02$2,100.00
Seaweed harvestPOS TT 297 03$2,100.00
The sponge farmersPOS TT 297 04$4,200.00
Casting offPOS TT 297 05$2,100.00
Zanzibar seaweed farmPOS TT 297 06$2,100.00
RipyPOS TT 297 07$2,100.00
Augustine and ChristophePOS TT 297 08$2,100.00
NelfinePOS TT 297 09$2,100.00
Celain and DilaxPOS TT 297 10$2,100.00
SambaPOS TT 297 11$2,100.00
Ramavu and Jean ClaudePOS TT 297 12$2,100.00
HomecomingPOS TT 297 13$2,100.00
Mending the netsPOS TT 297 14$2,100.00
Mango seasonPOS TT 297 15$4,200.00
The shallowsPOS TT 297 16$2,100.00
Berbera batherPOS TT 297 17$2,100.00
Bangladesh fishermenPOS TT 297 18$4,200.00
Morning dipPOS TT 297 19$2,100.00
The catchPOS TT 297 20$2,100.00
DafrinPOS TT 297 21$2,100.00
Comoros sunsetPOS TT 297 22$2,100.00
Two worldsPOS TT 297 23$2,100.00
Island lifePOS TT 297 24$2,100.00
Hold your breathPOS TT 297 25$2,100.00

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