My Wild West

When I was young, I watched movies in cinemas featuring John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and others riding on horseback in breathtaking landscapes. Later my interest shifted to photography, and I admired the work of great American photographers like Ansel Adams, Elliot Porter, Jack Dykinga, and Holger Lorenz. In the mid-1990s, I started looking for these areas myself and went to the first National Park in the world - Yellowstone. I fell in love and came two years in a row and visited the park during all seasons.

The spark had ignited, and the US South West became, for many years, my favoured landscape in the world. I stood in the most colourful "bathtub", the Wave, photographed the Cottonwood Cove area and waited days and days at Bryce Canyon.

Being able to visit these places that have existed for millions of years, standing among trees growing for thousands of years and others that have turned into rocks. All these sightings make me feel small and overwhelmed. How privileged are we today that we can travel to these places? Many places that are "hotspots" today were unknown 100 years ago and only known by very few local people. I can only hope that mankind will save these places for generations. These days my feelings are not too positive.

The Ghost BisonPOS NR 301 01
Exposed by lightPOS NR 301 02
Hoodoo LandPOS NR 301 03
RootedPOS NR 301 04
The famous light beam, Antilope CanyonPOS NR 301 05
The WallPOS NR 301 06
Balanced RockPOS NR 301 07
Thumb CanyonPOS NR 301 08
The WavePOS NR 301 09
Beehive Full BlastPOS NR 301 10
Rock DoughPOS NR 301 11
Arches National ParkPOS NR 301 12
Broken in timePOS NR 301 13
Sand – Rock POS NR 301 14
Petrified TreesPOS NR 301 15
My Wild WestPOS NR 301 16
The Eye of YellowstonePOS NR 301 17
Sequoias – the survivors? POS NR 301 18
Tree MethuselahPOS NR 301 19
Zypress Swamp IPOS NR 301 20
Zypress Swamp IIPOS NR 301 21
Zypress Swamp IIIPOS NR 301 22
Bison SaunaPOS NR 301 23

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