NASA (STS-72) Astronauts

Photographer John Angerson was granted unprecedented access to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, USA, to document the final months of a year-long intensive training program preparing for NASA (STS-72) in January 1996.

Since the first manned space mission, some of the most important items that the astronauts have brought back from space have been their photographs, which have, over the years, permanently changed the way we think, feel and see our place in the universe.

Shuttle mission STS-72 launched on Thursday, January 11, 1996, at 3:41 a.m., after a 22-minute delay to resolve a communications problem between mission control and ground control stations near the launch site. The orbiter crew included Commander Brian Duffy, Pilot Brent W. Jett, Mission Specialists Leroy Chiao, Daniel T. Barry, Winston E. Scott, and Koichi Wakata.

The mission's primary objective was to retrieve a Japanese satellite called the Space Flyer Unit (SFU), launched by Japan's National Space Development Agency (NASDA) on March 18, 1995. Retrieval of the SFU was completed on January 13, 1996.

NASA_comps_v2 IPOS JA 302 01$1,200.00
NASA_comps_v2 IIPOS JA 302 02$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 IIIPOS JA 302 03$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 IVPOS JA 302 04$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 VPOS JA 302 05$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 VIPOS JA 302 06$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 VIIPOS JA 302 07$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 VIIIPOS JA 302 08$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 IXPOS JA 302 09$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XPOS JA 302 10$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XIPOS JA 302 11$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XIIPOS JA 302 12$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XIIIPOS JA 302 13$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XIVPOS JA 302 14$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XVPOS JA 302 15$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XVIPOS JA 302 16$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XVIIPOS JA 302 17$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XVIIIPOS JA 302 18$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XIXPOS JA 302 19$750.00
NASA_comps_v2 XXPOS JA 302 20$1,200.00

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