Waste In Time

In a 200-acre-plus dump five kilometres north of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, hundreds of men, women, and children scavenge day and night through the burning wasteland. On a good day, they earn $12 to $15 daily for recycling plastics, clothing, household items, and aluminium (for smelting). Some 5,000 tons of waste are created each day in the Port-au-Prince area.

'Waste In Time' represents Haiti's desperate struggle to lift itself from the depths of misery and corruption rampant in Haiti for decades.

The Haitian government owns the vast landfill that sits directly above the Plain Cul-De-Sac aquifer - the same water that provides drinking water for the poorest neighbourhoods of Port-Au-Prince. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, which killed over 230,000 people in the Port-Au-Prince area, millions more tons of rubble were dumped at the site, further condemning the land and quickly polluting any remaining clean water in the shallow aquifer. With over 100,000 tons of waste dumped every month, the environmental outlook here remains bleak.

It took just ten years, or one solitary decade, to destroy the reservoir and all surrounding land. Now rural communities nearby struggle to find water. What was, up until 2010, a source of clean water and the fresh coastal breeze has now been transformed into a toxic, burning, stinking wasteland.

Photographing this area is a challenge. Many dump dwellers have fled the city and gang affiliations and do not want to be seen. As the Haitian National Police rarely visit here, it has become a haven for some of Port-au-Prince’s more shady characters and criminal elements.

The Truitier landfill in Port-Au-PrincePOS GC 303 01$1,500.00
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'Haiti Recyclers'POS GC 303 04$2,000.00
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