Odilo Lawiny

Miles from the main roads in rural Uganda, soccer balls bounce unevenly. Playing fields are arid, lush, weedy, sandy—any flattish space will do. Goalposts might be made of rocks or branches. Some feet are bare, others shod in fraying sneakers, boots, or rubber sandals. Yet children kick and chase handmade, lopsided balls with skill and abandon, competing for pride and joy—for the sheer pleasure of playing.

On fields throughout Uganda, rubbish is transformed into handmade soccer balls (Odilo Lawiny - as they are called in the Acholi language). Odilo Lawiny is spun into being with whatever’s at hand: rag or sock, tire or bark, plastic bag or banana leaves. Made entirely of recuperated materials, the balls give another life to something that would otherwise be thrown away. They might last days or months on a field of gravel or hard earth.

These precious jewels are a symbol of Africa’s passion for football. Each is a unique work of art. They speak of the ingenuity and craftsmanship of a continent. They speak of people who manage to do so much with so little.

The GamePOS BH 316 01
The BallPOS BH 316 02
Odilo Lawiny 1LPOS BH 316 03
Odilo Lawiny 1RPOS BH 316 04
Odilo Lawiny 2LPOS BH 316 05
Odilo Lawiny 2RPOS BH 316 06
Odilo Lawiny 3LPOS BH 316 07
Odilo Lawiny 3RPOS BH 316 08
Odilo Lawiny 4LPOS BH 316 09
Odilo Lawiny 4RPOS BH 316 10
Odilo Lawiny 5LPOS BH 316 11
Odilo Lawiny 5RPOS BH 316 12
Odilo Lawiny 6LPOS BH 316 13
Odilo Lawiny 6RPOS BH 316 14
Odilo Lawiny 7LPOS BH 316 15
Odilo Lawiny 7RPOS BH 316 16
Odilo Lawiny 8LPOS BH 316 17
Odilo Lawiny 8RPOS BH 316 18
Odilo Lawiny 9LPOS BH 316 19
Odilo Lawiny 9RPOS BH 316 20
Odilo Lawiny 10LPOS BH 316 21
Odilo Lawiny 10RPOS BH 316 22

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