Seeing Through Closed Eyes

The fourteen portraits in this exhibition of artists, photographers, writers and creative thinkers illustrate my thesis that ‘creativity’ is primarily an internal process. The outside world may be the inspiration, but the metaphor, the poetry, can only be figuratively seen and ultimately expressed with one’s eyes closed.

- Looking is the observation of form and usually goes no further. To Look suggests both the beginning and end of an action.

- Seeing is the beginning of a complete process. Seeing is magical, even spiritual; it allows for many more possibilities than just looking.

As an artist, portrait photography has to be more than the person's appearance. It should reveal who that person is and what they might see.

I can only see when my eyes are closed.
Through closed eyes, I see clearly.
You can only look with your eyes open.
To see, you must close them.
Close your eyes, and you will see.

J Tomas Lopez
August 20, 2022

Lisl, PhotojournalistPOS JL 335 01
David, Director/ProducerPOS JL 335 02
Allison, PhotojournalistPOS JL 335 03
Florencio, SculptorPOS JL 335 04
Henry, Writer/ProfessorPOS JL 335 05
Carol, PhotojournalistPOS JL 335 06
Afshin, PhotojournalistPOS JL 335 07
Pam, Singer/SongwriterPOS JL 335 08
Douglas, PhotographerPOS JL 335 09
Robert, Photojournalist/AnthropologistPOS JL 335 10
Steve, MathematicianPOS JL 335 11
Sean, PhotographerPOS JL 335 12
Paul, PhotojournalistPOS JL 335 13
Andrea, Photographer/ProfessorPOS JL 335 14

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