Fallen Leaves

Leaves are my canvas, light is my paint, and the camera is the eye that brings my imagination to life.

Leaves transform sunlight into life. They clean our air and provide food for plants, animals, and people. This collection attempts to breathe new life into dry fallen leaves through colourful light painting photography. Each leaf starts in complete darkness. Different coloured lights add strokes to the leaf, like paint on a canvas.

The two main themes of this collection are minimalism and light.

Minimalism represents letting go of old attachments.

Light represents the creation of new life.

Humanity is going through a transitional stage, where self-responsibility and awareness are no longer luxuries but survival tools in a fight against our destructive nature. As we question our beliefs and discover new ways of living, we embark on a new journey where we are free to create any world we desire!

Each coloured leaf represents a step on the path of collective awakening as we learn how to live in pies and harmony with each other, nature, and the universe.

POS FK 306 02Voyage into the UnknownPOS FK 306 02$950.00
POS FK 306 03Frozen EnergyPOS FK 306 03$950.00
POS FK 306 05Dance of the Divine POS FK 306 05$950.00
POS FK 306 07Vessel of CreationPOS FK 306 07$900.00
POS FK 306 08DragonPOS FK 306 08$950.00
POS FK 306 09Fallen AngelPOS FK 306 09$950.00
POS FK 306 10Elegant NaturePOS FK 306 10$950.00
POS FK 306 11Luminous SoulPOS FK 306 11$950.00
POS FK 306 12Fire BirdPOS FK 306 12$950.00
POS FK 306 13Ocean of EmotionsPOS FK 306 13$900.00
POS FK 306 14Molten CorePOS FK 306 14$950.00
POS FK 306 15AlivePOS FK 306 15$950.00
POS FK 306 16TranquilityPOS FK 306 16$950.00
POS FK 306 17Fallen BeautyPOS FK 306 17$950.00
POS FK 306 18Self-ReflectionPOS FK 306 18$950.00
POS FK 306 19Gentle BreezePOS FK 306 19$900.00
POS FK 306 20Frozen in TimePOS FK 306 20$950.00
POS FK 306 21Soft LandingPOS FK 306 21$950.00
POS FK 306 22Butterfly EffectPOS FK 306 22$950.00
POS FK 306 23Electric SoulPOS FK 306 23$900.00
POS FK 306 24Inner FirePOS FK 306 24$950.00